Aspiring Disc Golf Courses

The "Disc Player" entity and those involved with it are in the process of installing new disc golf course(s). (Growing the sport). Information about the whereabouts and photos will be displayed on this website. This will happen near the end or completion of said disc golf course(s). The reason being, is that 'disc golf' is such a new sport that many who play the sport consider themselves "experts" at design and knowledge of the sport. On the contrary this is usually not the case. For although they are usually only a few, they tend to alienate those in the process, such as offical state employees, staff and its associates. Given that most disc golfers can not afford the millions of dollars to purchase land(s) to put a course on, some tend to step in the way, pushing said officials. In turn slowing the process of putting in new courses. "Disc Player" and those associated with it are exploring, creating and implementing new ideas for course design. Although we do not claim to "know it all," we believe that we are building quality, challenging, innovative, disc golf courses for all playing levels. We do have our ear to the ground, in finding aspiring ideas and efforts. We do not believe in anyone person designing a golf course. This is not a big "ego" trip for any one person. We at Disc Player have and do involve a team effort. Building these course(s) is a slow process. Some things are worth the wait. Updates will be coming.
Thank you.

Reed Canal Park Disc Golf Course

919 Reed Canal Road, South Daytona, Florida

Holes 1-18

P1010046.JPG - 96.9 Bytes

h1.jpg - 145102 Bytes
P1010047.JPG-185.2 Bytes

h2.jpg - 151693 Bytes

h3.jpg - 146726 Bytes

P1010050.JPG - 193.4 Bytes

h4.jpg - 142271 Bytes

P1010051.JPG - 164.9 Bytes

h5.jpg - 144795 Bytes

P1010052.JPG - 154.9 Bytes

h6.jpg - 136744 Bytes

P1010054.JPG - 197.4 Bytes

h7.jpg - 148482 Bytes

P1010055.JPG - 189.3 Bytes

h8.jpg - 145961 Bytes

P1010057.JPG - 186.4 Bytes

h9.jpg - 146670 Bytes
h10.jpg - 142907 Bytes h11.jpg - 130853 Bytes h12.jpg - 134428 Bytes h13.jpg - 130762 Bytes h14.jpg - 131158 Bytes h15.jpg - 90262 Bytes h16.jpg - 88182 Bytes h17.jpg - 96074 Bytes h18.jpg - 103163 Bytes

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