Fabulous Florida Tour Items

Help support the Fabulous Florida Tour, and get really cool stuff to boot!

Always know what time it is, with the Fabulous Florida Tour Logo Clock.

They use 1 AA battery and will always let you know it is Tee Time in Florida.

The clock measures 9" across.

fabclock.jpg - 68821 Bytes

White Only

Price $10.00

Now get the Fabulous Florida Tour Full Color Sticker!

Four Inches in size. Not too big or small, just right. Top dog on quality. Screen printed four-color process. The best there is...will keep its color along time (in the Florida sun or anywhere else).

fabstik.jpg - 47923 Bytes

White Only

Price $2.50
White Only

The Fabulous Mini Too! In Full Color!

fabmini.jpg - 43036 Bytes

Hang it on the wall or use it. Buy 2, one for the wall and one to use.

White Only

Price $5.00
White Only

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