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The World's Most Comfortable Disc Sports Hat!

These hats are made of a patented high-tech synthetic wicking material.
They absorb perspiration and remove it quickly, drying fast.
Not like your heavy cotton or wool cap, these hats breathe new air onto your head.
The four-way stretch headband provides a very comfortable fit.
Being synthetic-these hats are machine washable. Use a hat holder to keep them from being crushed. Cold water!
The original hats more than 2 years old still look new!

The Famous "Shut Up & Throw" Hat.

The Disc Playertm logo is embroidered on the front.--Shut Up & Throw is on the back.
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The Disc Player Label Stands For Quality!
Shut Up & Throw Hat
Price $15.99

Sorry currently OUT OF STOCK! Try a DPS authorized retailer.... Quantity
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